Agent account application

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*Agent's Name
Please entry correct applicant full name on Business License.
*Agency Legal representative
Please entry correct applicant Legal representative on Business License.
*belong to sale dept
Please select city belong to your company sale office located according
User type
You will recieve SMS information to verify, after verified, Formate: XXXXXXXXXXX
*Phone number
Formate: 0XX(X)-xxxxxxx(x)
You will recieve email to verify, after verified, Example:
*Post address
Please entry correct mail address
Post Code
Whether the BSP Agent?
BSP Agent require fill the correct Office number and IATA Code, None BSP agent please select " No"
IATA No is 8 digit Number
*Bank account name
Bank account name can not more then 100 characters
*Bank name
Bank of deposit cannot exceed 100 characters
*Account info
Please fill Bank account information
*B2BUser name
Must be combined by letter + number
*Entry account password
The password must be 6-20 digits, number, letters, symbols component at least two kind appear
*Confirm account password
Please upload bellow information each one picture, Business License, Organization code certificate, passenger qualification certificate, legal representative ID card copy, picture format (gif, jpg, png, bmp)
*upload image
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